Greed and excess in us due to consumerism

You can hear the audio recording here. According to Ted, several statistics and polls reveal that we Americans collectively see greed as a societal problem yet deny it as an issue in our individual lives. Merely citing the addictive behavior around smartphone upgrades revealed to me, a self-professed wannabe techie, that there is a problem:

Greed and excess in us due to consumerism

Leave a reply As our society progresses, we are becoming increasingly confused with the relationship between happiness and materialistic items. Although it is known that all these materials are derived from the earth and the sea, they all have their own limits. But the greed that comes along with these materials do not have limits built within.

Therefore, it is up to us to earnestly restrict greed from consuming our very own mindset. This characteristic is not an innate part of us, fortunately, leaving us with the opportunity to change. This will also help the condition of our Earth, for we are currently overexploiting the resources due to the perpetual demand of items.

In Consumerism and Greed by Karmapait questioned whose responsibility is truly to blame. Many people may naturally turn to our government for supporting and encouraging such behaviors.

Essentially, we are all one community on this earth and damaging one part will ultimately come back around and harm the ones who started the mess. If we can not count on the government to construct positive change, we may think to turn to large corporations, which is responsible for the development of greed across the world.

Yet we still are stuck with the corrupt intentions of generating profit, rather than peace and happiness for all. Therefore, it is made clear that we cannot dismiss the idea that we as individuals are the sole problem and responsibility of consumerism.

After all, corporations are continuously producing goods for us, the consumers. We hold far more power than one may think, allowing us to recognize our issue and become part of the solution. For example, buying less products will run companies out of business or decrease their funding.

Can Greed be Eliminated? Many may have the suspicion that the problem of greed will never be truly eliminated. But greed is not instinctive in our nature! The author claims that it arises due to certain causes and conditions that come together.

Some people exhibit great amounts of greed while another presents this characteristic only from time to time. It has become clear to me that we lack the idea of where real happiness comes from.

We are repeatedly exposed to advertisements of material items that form the mental habit that these items displayed are what brings happiness, therefore we go out and buy it.

This may be the reason for the difficulty of overcoming greed. It can easily take ahold of our mind, blinding us to the importance of what really matters and mistaking our wants for needs. I have fallen into the world of consumerism. The author states that contentment is the greatest wealth one may have.

It takes the inner riches of our own mind to be able to create our own sort of satisfaction. In order to change our ways and escape the trap of consumerism, we must change our perspective.

To make this easier, we can use systems thinking and question how this item got to the shelf. Did it come from a sweat shop with underpaid workers? Or maybe it was made out of materials from a forest that was cleared for its timber, leaving thousands of organisms without a habitat.

This might just make us second-guess our need for this item, hopefully constructing the urge to put it back on the shelf.

In reality, if we remind ourselves that these items are just a couple of materials thrown together, we will realize that this will not grant us true happiness. Maybe, happiness is a lot simpler than many may believe.

We get stuck in such a daily routine, forgetting the ordinary things around us are genuinely amazing. I believe we must open up our minds; feeling present and free and this will bring effective results into our consumer world.

Our attitude is what drives us, and can allow us to access a sense of joy through contentment. Be grateful for what you already have; for the connectedness of the earth can one day bring us together rather than the amount of things we possess.The year-old Golden Globe nominee took to social media on Saturday to express how upset she gets during the holiday season when others over indulge on gifts and may not think of others.

Wasted wealth due to wasted capital leads to wasted labor and wasted resources and to maintain these disparities has been one of the major causes of poverty. This section on the web site provides an insight into deeper issues of consumption and consumerism.

Apr 03,  · Decreasing the excess amount of consumerism in one’s lifestyle can cultivate a healthier personal relationship to the things we already own as a necessity as well as become less focused on possessions and more on meaningful things such as friendships, nature and nonmaterialistic items.

The author claims that it arises due to. Watch video · 'Call me the Grinch': Miley Cyrus says Christmas makes her 'deeply sad' due to consumerism and 'greed' By Sarah Jones For Published: EDT, 25 December | Updated: EDT.

What needs to be eradicated, or at least greatly tempered, is consumerism: the obsession with acquisition that has become the organizing principle of American life. In the United States .

US cult of greed is now a global environmental threat, report warns fuelling a global culture of excess that is emerging as the biggest .

Greed and excess in us due to consumerism
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