How to write a church history book

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How to write a church history book

Many people think in terms of writing a blockbuster, but those kinds of successes are few and far between. It takes time and money to write a local church history. I explain how to finance the writing of the book.

I also go into detail about how to promote sales to the members and friends of the church, and to the wider community. Now is time to celebrate your church history! Your local church history does not need to be dry and uninteresting.

Television programs like Antique Roadshow, History Detectives, Pawn Stars and American Pickers, have a historical component and they are very popular with viewers. Everyone is interested in history if it is presented in a lively and interesting way.

There are a lot of fascinating stories surrounding the birth and life of a local church, and powerful stories of faith of those who attended them. Christians writers need to capture and preserve that. The story of the founding and progress of every local church has the potential to be almost as thrilling as the Book of Acts.

how to write a church history book

How does a person or group go about writing your church history? A section of the book deals with the proper procedure for doing oral histories, which is a valuable form of research.

Most of the good stories about a church are in the minds of the members, not in the minutes of board meetings. It is important to capture the stories from older members while they are still able to tell them.

Doing oral histories is the ideal method. I provide a step-by-step plan for volunteer or professional writers to research and write a local church history. I cover everything from enlisting church leadership support to researching, writing, publishing and selling the completed book.

It is available in paperback or Kindle editions Share the love with other Christian history book. The church must take care in who is selected to write and produce the church history.

The writer must first have the desire to take on such a task. While others might supply some information and records might be available, there is a tremendous HOW TO WRITE A CHURCH HISTORY.

The church history should be signed by both the historian and the Clerk of Session. PUBLISHING YOUR HISTORY The original copy of your church history should be typed on acid-free paper. The original may then be photocopied onto regular or acid-free paper to provide additional copies for local use.

Writing the History of a Local Baptist Church* I N his book, The Roots of Experience, R. C. Walton writes this about the task of the historian: "History deals with unrepeatable events; it is the resurrection of. This book is not only a practical resource for students studying church history and history of doctrine, but also for those interested in the areas of systematic and philosophical theology.

This useful volume offers graduate students who plan to become professional historians the guidelines, methods, and basic reference tools needed for successfully researching and writing . This new, highly affordable paperback edition includes Maier's best-selling translation, historical commentary on each book of The Church History, and ten maps and illustrations..

Often called the "Father of Church History," Eusebius was the first to trace the rise of Christianity during its crucial first three centuries from Christ to Constantine.

Those persons who are members of Boone's Creek Baptist Church in its th year can take comfort in the knowledge that theirs is a rich tradition, made so by the faith, determination, courage, and character of those who passed this.

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