North shore oil exploration and drilling essay

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North shore oil exploration and drilling essay

Background[ edit ] Because of the abundance of oil in the thick sedimentary rock layers beneath the Santa Barbara Channel, the region has been an attractive resource for the petroleum industry for more than a hundred years.

In the late s, when the Summerland field began to expand much closer to the city of Santa Barbara, a crowd of midnight vigilantes headed by local newspaper publisher Reginald Fernald tore down one of the more unsightly rigs erected on Miramar Beach itself in the location of a luxury hotel.

This caused the city to be bracketed on east and west with oil fields, the new one a bonanza and the depleted Summerland field a largely abandoned, blighted waste. Residential construction in the vicinity of the Mesa field halted, as oil presented easier and faster money to the land developers.

Oil derricks sprouted on the hilltop within easy view of the harbor, on narrow town lots intended originally for houses. While local protests were vocal, they failed to shut down the oil development, as there was a city ordinance at the time specifically allowing drilling on the Mesa.

The oil derricks only went away when production on the small Mesa field abruptly declined and ended in the late s. Nearer to the site of the oil spill, the first drilling island was built in by Richfield Oil Company.

In the Santa Barbara Channel, geologists realized that the anticlinal trend which held the extremely productive Rincon and Ventura Oil Fields did not end at the shoreline, but extended underneath the Channel.

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Prospectors for oil sought ways to drill in deeper water. Seismic testing under the Channel began shortly after the Second World War, in an attempt to locate the suspected petroleum reservoirs deep underneath the ocean floor.

The testing was noisy and disruptive; explosions rattled windows, cracked plaster, and filled the beaches with dead fish; local citizens as well as the Santa Barbara News-Press vocally opposed the practice, which continued nonetheless, but after a delay and under tighter controls.

Yet the testing had revealed what the oil company geologists had suspected, and the population feared: However, several major oil fields were found within state waters on either side of this zone, and the State granted leases in these fields beginning in Development of these resources commenced, with the first offshore oil platform — Hazel — being built in Both platforms tapped into the Summerland Offshore Oil Fieldand were easily visible from Santa Barbara on a clear day.

The first lease sale took place on December 15,after a notice of the impending sale in the Federal Register went unnoticed by local officials. It became operational on September 1, Their first rig on that lease, Platform A, went into position on September 14,and commenced drilling.

Udallthe Secretary of the Department of the Interior ; and in November, a local ballot referendum was successful in preventing the construction of an onshore oil facility at Carpinteria.

It had 57 slots for wells from which it could drill directionally into the oil reservoir from different angles. Four oil wells had already been drilled from the new platform, though not yet put in production.

Work on the fifth was under way. It took thirteen minutes from the time of the initial blowout to the time the blind rams were activated. Only then did the workers both on the rig and in boats nearby notice the increase in bubbling at the ocean surface hundreds of feet from the rig.

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Plugging the well at the top had failed to stop the blowout, which was now tearing through the ocean floor in several places. Both of these protective casings were intended to prevent blowout of high-pressure gas out of the sides of the well bore into and through adjacent geologic formations.

North shore oil exploration and drilling essay

Even after the well was further plugged at the platform with drilling mud during the next week, these continued to boil up.

Coast Guard, about two and a half hours after the blowout. He told Brown that a well had blown out but no oil was escaping. Craggs declined an offer for help, suggesting that the situation was under control. An anonymous worker on the drill rig telephoned the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding the blowout, and the newspaper immediately obtained confirmation from Union Oil's headquarters in Los Angeles.

Enormous amounts of fresh water were still running offshore from local streams, flowing south and southwest in the vicinity of the rig.

However, another huge storm system affected the region on February 4, with winds moving around the compass clockwise from southeast to west; this pushed the oil slick north into Santa Barbara harbor and onto all the beaches of southern Santa Barbara County and northwestern Ventura County.

That evening the booms failed completely, breaking under the assault of the storm and by the morning the entire harbor, containing around boats, was several inches deep in fresh crude oil, and all the boats were blackened.

Note the blackness of the incoming wave; the water has a thick layer of oil on top. On the morning of February 5, residents of the entire populated zone on the coast awoke to the stink of crude oil, and the sight of blackened beaches, sprinkled with dead and dying birds.North Shore Oil Exploration and Drilling There is some evidence that oil exists under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

North shore oil exploration and drilling essay

This has led to a huge debate as to whether or not companies should be allowed to . Nov 05,  · Oil Drilling And Exploration In The Bahamas taxation and public ownership of a share of oil and gas fields, pipelines and shore facilities.

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releases essay on oil exploration; Oil drilling. The paper seeks to show that onshore drilling of oil is better than the offshore drilling by examining the economical, environmental and political of the two drilling types. The adverse impacts of offshore oil drilling have been brought to light by the present leak of offshore oil well being managed by the BP Company.

In this essay he writes a well researched topic that has been in debate for years, drilling in Alaska. I will look extensively for example in which Egan simultaneously uses the pros and cons to show that Oil drilling will have a negative effect on the Alaskan environment.

Essay North Shore Oil Exploration and Drilling - North Shore Oil Exploration and Drilling There is some evidence that oil exists under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This has led to a huge debate as to whether or not companies should be allowed to drill for this oil. The Myth of Peak Oil by George Wuerthner Each time there is a short-term shortage of oil or the price begins to rise, there is talk of running out of affordable oil, an idea captured by the.

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